simplistic form

Changed my blog theme last night. It’s incredible how little changes can make your blog look more professional. As of right now, the blog is categorized as personal but hopefully later in this year, I’ll be able to upgrade it in some way; domain names are a vital part.

Been working on new poetry too. Would love to show my drafts of certain pieces if anyone wants to see them. I’m updating Lay Your Hands Bare in the next week or so as well.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this particular matter. Take care, everyone.

changes are a part of life


Putting yourself in situations is easy but learning how to dig your way out of them is easier said than done. It’s not even the stress that’s getting on my nerves of late; but the lack of stability. Life is dreadfully exhausting at times, kind of makes you long for eternal youth. We take so much for granted as children, we grow up far too quickly and it backfires in the long run. The grass isn’t much greener on the other side, ironically said. It all depends if one is like me; confused, anxious, impatient and a little peculiar at most times in daily life.

For those who may wonder, I felt like changing a few things. This might also soon include the style in which my posts are displayed. Different font for the rest of 2017, hopefully it’s not too much of a hassle for the readers of my blog. Change is a universal matter, and same as anything, we have to embrace it and let things blossom.

I also changed my hair for the millionth time. As much as I loved the blonde, it’s not me and this year is all about loving the things that I have despised for years. It’s the same with this blog, I honestly felt like abandoning it, and there were months where I did. But ever since my grandmother died, I’ve felt the need to express my thoughts more, not sure if’s a coping method to deal with the grief or just my urge to write like I did in the past. Not complaining about that, simply being honest about current emotions etc.

What do I hope to achieve with this blog? That’s another story. All in all, it’s my journal, a sanctuary, my palace of thought and depth. I’m not an expert at blogging or writing, but we’re all a little flawed, no matter how much one denies the fact. Individually, we’re perfect in our own way, and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog so far, it’s been a true blessing, for sure.

ramblings of a writer, part 2: music

Baie via Flickr.

As promised, this is the second part to my ramblings of a writer post not long ago…

It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog post on the 19th, and speaking about the emotive effect songs can have on you; mainly since it’s been exactly 9 months since I lost my precious grandmother, and many can imagine; and know the magnitude of what loss can be. At times, it feels like rain on your parade, and other times, it’s another, different story.

But, let’s get straight to the point: Music. Continue reading

ramblings of a writer; part 1.

Listening to cheesy songs and writing at night always seemed to be the best of both worlds, well; for the accurate parts of life anyway. But I do enjoy these moments.

If you would, then please suggest any subjects for my next posts. Inspire me!

As of next week, I would like to write more in-depth, because as much as I love my comfort zone, it’s a barrier to most things, which isn’t acceptable anymore, by any means.

tiny steps are a start

It’s those tiny steps of courage that will enlighten you and guide you, which says a lot about the phrase “sometimes less is more”. Any obstacle can be faced if you have the guts to face it in the first place. Perhaps, really; it’s all about those steps. tiny steps are a start.

scale of events


As of late, eating lots of junk and weighing myself too often has been the highlight and backfire of 2017 so far. On one hand, I am determined to lose the weight, but at the same time, there are days where all I want is to indulge until my stomach hurts. This has been a threat to the so-called dieting plan; but also, a trigger for the lost girl inside my soul.

Conflicting thoughts can have a serious impact on your choices and I’m sure whether it’s a comfort zone or straight-down denial. To me, personally, it feels like a combination of both. It’s unhealthy to be this weight but it’s also unhealthy to restrict in order to become a shadow of your former self. Not saying weight loss is a bad thing, but how we go about partaking in this journey is an entirely different story. This is a subject I will never stop talking about because so many are struggling and losing themselves in this daily madness.

Metabolisms may always vary and the dietary requirements needed are all substantially the opposite, none are ever the same, although they are perhaps alike in society’s age of time.

Things like these, I always find myself nervous in speaking about, mainly because the internet can be a petrifying place to be and the comments people read on a daily basis really doesn’t make the situation any less complex. Society wants us to represent two key things; ourselves, but also what other people want to see us be, as human beings. How can one expect to be who they are happily if the outcome is expected to be a different story?

why a broken heart does not define you



Photo credit: Alessandra Hechanova via Flickr.



Love is like buying a house; you invest time into something that will ultimately either fall apart or benefit your life immensely as the moments turn into cherished memories.


The odds of it being the idealistic scenario you imagined in your mind for years is a short branch on a grown tree.

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tonight’s note to you

Saturday nights are the best, and being able to update my blog in peace is another perk.

I was going to post a lengthy piece, but I feel quite tired after the day I’ve had, been awake since 6 in the morning; it’s surprising how much energy kids have when you simply don’t.

May this weekend be as wonderful as you are, take care and I hope you enjoy this evening.